Managed Security

Managed Security Services

Security is an ongoing process. The systems and applications that you use are exposed to fast paced evolution in technology industry. In order to maintain a sound security position in such a turbulent environment, specialized knowledge and full time monitoring is required.

Tranchulas has the expert team of IT professionals, who not only possesses the specialized knowledge and skill set but can also identify the vulnerabilities in your systems and applications, after that mitigation techniques are also suggested so your infrastructure and applications are up to date with the latest security mechanisms. This allows the monitoring and management of your infrastructure in an effective way. Tranchulas offers the following in managed security:

  • Scheduled Vulnerability Assessments
  • Information Security Audits
  • Management of intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms and solutions placed
  • Monitoring the health of your security and network devices and diagnosing hardware and/or software faults.
  • Monitoring of your infrastructure for threats that might impact your business. Logs and alerts generated by security devices are analyzed, correlated and classified in real-time and interpreted by Tranchulas security analysts.
  • Updating the rule-set or policy of your devices. Tranchulas reviews every change request for its potential impact on your overall security posture.
  • Constantly observes the threat landscape, pointing out the changes and provide updated security accordingly for our clients.
  • Advisory on the latest vulnerabilities that are discovered in different technologies
Incident Response/Forensics 

Simply processing the alerts is not enough. You need answers when your networks or systems are breached. Who got in? How did they get in? Why did they get in, what did they want? Did they take anything? What are the consequences of this attack?

It takes a long time to gather the real answers, because by only dealing with few isolated indicators of attack, like comprised system reimaging, organizations miss out critical signals that attacks are spreading or hiding through a system. There are chances that if an attacker remains in the systems of the organization, they are most likely to lose data, employee productivity and reputation.

Trust Tranchulas if you want to build a complete, strong and fully integrated plan to get rid of all the blind spots between revealing and curing. The goal is to block future attackers, root out entrenched attackers and minimize every kind of damage.

Any business and individual can be a victim of identity theft and information security breaches. Tranchulas incident response services isolate unwanted activities, clearly identifies the source and determines the full extent of the breach. It even helps to trace the attacker.

Individuals and businesses today can easily become victim of Information security breaches and identity theft. Tranchulas is all ready to take care of all your worries, Incident response services provided by Tranchulas isolate the unwanted activities, and determine the full extent of breach through identifying its source. For modern incident response, stopping active attacks is the number one priority.

You need a trusted partner, to acquire forensic data and investigate the matter while adhering to strict procedures of chain of custody, in a post incident scenario.

  • Detailed investigation regarding impact and extent of the breach
  • Source of activity and detailed timelines
  • Reconstruction of the attack
  • Management reports detailing the specific impacts of the investigation
  • 24/7 incident response service
  • Client briefing and preparation prior to law enforcement involvement
  • Mitigations to prevent such incidents in future