Hands-On Web Application Penetration Testing Training Course

Hands-On Web Application Penetration Testing Training Course

This training course is a series of educational interactive training sessions where the attendees will gain hands on experience. They will be able to identify security flaws in web applications customized or built for the training course. They will also be able to exploit those security flaws to fully understand the value of fixing those flaws.


  • Basic knowledge of HTML and Java Script
  • Participants must bring their own laptops

CWASP Certification

Certified Web Application Security Professional (CWASP) is an exclusive certification which will test your technical skills on a live but simulated web application where you are expected to discover and exploit security vulnerabilities. Students are required to pass our online lab test in order to receive CWASP.

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Tranchulas Online Labs

Tranchulas Online Labs are available 24×7 for practicing web attacks learnt during training course. Online labs have several web applications based on real world scenarios which can be exploited and have different difficulty levels. Vulnerabilities include but are not limited to XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, cookie manipulation, local file inclusion. Students are required to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in order to pass online labs and receive Tranchulas Certified Web Application Security Professional (CWASP) Certification.

Post Training Support

You can connect with Tranchulas Online labs for 90 days to practice your hacking kung-fu after the training course. During this time our technical team will provide you email/phone/skype support in order to ensure the skills acquired on the training course are being applied correctly.

About the Trainer

Tranchulas trainings and workshops are conducted by world’s top information security experts. Our instructors are featured speakers at renowned security conferences such as Hack in the Box Malaysia, InfoSek Slovenia, Hack.lu Luxembourg, CONFidence Krakow, Troopers, Shakacon, OWASP Europe and BruCON Belgium.

Training Schedule

Date Venue Location  
Radisson Blu Hotel London, UK Sold Out
Tranchulas Office San Francisco, US Sold Out
Sheraton Novi Sad Belgrade, Serbia Book Now
Tranchulas Office Islamabad, Pakistan Book Now