Offensive Cyber Initiative

Tranchulas has a history of providing reliable information security services to clients in both the public and private sector. We are a trusted advisor to government agencies, enterprise businesses, military commands, law-enforcement and academic institutions on cyber security issues. Our proven methodologies for managing risk and protecting critical infrastructure regularly set us apart from the competition.

Tranchulas provides a unique service line focused exclusively on the offensive side of cyber operations. The educational courses, consultative services, and product development included in this initiative are designed exclusively to assist government and national-level programs develop and extend their cyber capabilities.

Tranchulas is one of the leading providers of advanced software vulnerability research. Our world-class research capabilities are focused on finding technology flaws that often lead to the discovery of zero-day exploits to provide holistic solutions that facilitate our customers’ mission and operational goals.

Tranchulas offers a comprehensive set of both offensive and defensive cyber solutions. We are well positioned to advise at the strategic level and ready to assist with tactical implementation. Note that access to these capabilities is highly restricted, and are only available to approved government agencies and corporations.

If you feel that your organization fits this description, please contact us at (PGP available on demand) so that we can review your request and issue you access to our secure portal where you can learn more about our offerings in this area.